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#ifndef STAIRC_H
#define STAIRC_H
* Computer Algebra System SINGULAR *
#include <kernel/structs.h>
void scComputeHC(ideal s,ideal Q, int k,poly &hEdge, ring tailRing = currRing);
#if 0 // - alternative implementation for tests
void scComputeHCw(ideal s,ideal Q, int k,poly &hEdge, ring tailRing = currRing);
intvec * scIndIntvec(ideal S, ideal Q=NULL);
// lists scIndIndset(ideal S, BOOLEAN all, ideal Q=NULL); // TODO: move to Singular/
int scDimInt(ideal s,ideal Q=NULL);
int scMultInt(ideal s,ideal Q=NULL);
int scMult0Int(ideal s,ideal Q=NULL);
void scPrintDegree(int co, int mu);
void scDegree(ideal s,intvec *modulweight,ideal Q=NULL);
ideal scKBase(int deg, ideal s, ideal Q=NULL, intvec * mv=NULL);
intvec * hHstdSeries(ideal S, intvec *modulweight, intvec *wdegree,
ideal Q=NULL, ring tailRing = currRing);
intvec * hFirstSeries(ideal S, intvec *modulweight, ideal Q=NULL, intvec *wdegree=NULL, ring tailRing = currRing);
intvec * hSecondSeries(intvec *hseries1);
void hLookSeries(ideal S, intvec *modulweight, ideal Q=NULL);
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