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Twitter Framework for iOS/OS X
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STwitter is a High Level Twitter Frameworks for iOS / OS X. It support iOS Integrated Twitter SSO too. and It offers User Streaming API.


  • BSD License
  • High-Level Twitter API
  • User Stream API
  • iOS Styled API (STwitterRequest) for iOS 4 and OS X
  • Automatic Reference Counting on OS X and iOS


Place anywhere and drag STwitter.xcodeproj in to your project.


Build time requirements

This framework needs the latest iOS & OS X SDK from Apple. (Xcode 4.5 with iOS 6.0, OS X 10.8 SDK or above required)

Run time requirements

It support just OS X 10.6, iOS 4.0 and above. Other version of iOS/OS X will not be worked correctly. It needs OS Supports libdispatch and ARC (Automatic Reference Counting).


Read LICENSE for more information.


Twitter API is not implemented all yet. and API Documents aren't available yet. Sorry. I'm working on it.

Available API:

  • STwitterRequest (Same as TWRequest in Twitter framework. but It supports iOS 4 and OS X)
  • STwitterTweets
    • statusUpdate
    • statusUpdate with media
    • retweet
    • showStatus
  • STwitterOAuth
    • requestRequestToken
    • requestAuthorizeURL
    • exchangeRequestTokenToAccessToken
  • STwitterAccounts
    • verifyCredentials
  • STwitterFavorites
    • favoriteTweet
  • STwitterTimeline
    • getHomeTimeline
    • getMentions
  • STwitterDirectMessages
    • getDirectMessages
  • STwitterHelp
    • getConfiguration
  • STwitterUser
    • getUserProfileImage
  • STwitterUserStream
    • startUserStreaming
    • stopUserStreaming
    • (with Delegate)
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