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A simple wrapper that does winetricks things for Proton enabled games, requires Winetricks.


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If you're looking for an up to date fork, my suggestion is HERE


A simple wrapper that does winetricks things for Proton enabled games, requires Winetricks.

What is it?

This is a simple wrapper script that uses Winetricks to allow you to specify the game's App ID rather than the full length directory to the Proton prefix itself, I thought this would be easier for some so I decided to upload it for everyone to use!


  • Python 3 or newer
  • Winetricks
  • The Steam beta


The basic usage is as follows:

# Find your game's App ID by searching for it
protontricks -s <GAME NAME>

# Run winetricks for the game
protontricks <APPID> <ACTIONS>

# Run the protontricks GUI
protontricks gui

Since this is a wrapper, all syntax that works for Winetricks will potentially work for Protontricks.

If you have a different Steam directory (Like I do due to Arch's silly directory tomfoolery), you can export $STEAM_DIR to the directory where Steam is.

If you'd like to use a local version of Winetricks, you can set $WINETRICKS to the location of your local winetricks installation. As well, you can set $PROTON_VERSION to a specific version manually.

Wanna see Protontricks in action?


I'd say the easiest way to install is by doing the following commands:

wget && chmod +x protontricks
sudo mv protontricks /usr/bin/protontricks

Unofficial packages

Currently, the following is the current unofficial packages that can make installing and updating much easier. These are not maintained by me because I currently don't have the capacity of knowing how to make distro packages. Feel free to contribute and try to maintain your own distro packages and add them here.


If you'd like, you can hit me up on twitter @Sirmentio, or on the Linux Gaming Discord, I don't talk much there but I'd be happy to hear from anyone who has something to say!