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A simple GUI (web interface) for Mongo using Sinatra.

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Mongui is an extremely simple HTTP GUI for Mongo, created with Sinatra.


Currently Mongui has the following features:

  • Show all databases, and their collections
  • Present collections with all their rows

Known bugs

  • Error whenever you want to access GridFS
  • Embedded document presentation doesn't work too well


Simple guide on how to get Mongui running on your system.

Install dependencies

Install the Mongo Ruby driver, as well as Sinatra: gem install mongo bson haml sinatra

Fire up Mongui

git clone git://
cd Mongui
ruby mongui.rb
Sinatra has taken the stage on http://localhost:4567..

Now simply direct your browser to localhost:4567 and a list of your databases, and their collections should show up!


Everybody loves them.


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