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Sitecore Mobile SDK 2.1 for iOS

Sitecore Mobile SDK is a framework that is designed to help the developer produce iOS based applications that use and serve content that is managed by Sitecore. The framework offers both Objective-C and JavaScriptAPI that enable developers to rapidly develop applications utilising their existing IOS or web development skill sets. The SDK includes the following features:

  • Left-Right swipe navigation
  • Access to the camera and the photo library
  • QR code usage (scan and use QR Codes)
  • Accelerometer functions
  • Device information
  • Access to the built-in address book and easy creation of new contacts
  • Sending emails using the e-mail account
  • Social networks integration (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Mapping integration (with both Apple Maps and Google Maps)

The applications powered by this SDK support both iOS 6 and iOS 7, and can request content from Sitecore efficiently and securely via Sitecore Item Web API RESTful web service.

You can also download a sample application that can be used as a starting point to understand the Mobile SDK for iOS and the features available. This project can be found in a corresponding github repository

Documentation, including installation and developer guides can be found on the Sitecore Developer Network (SDN)

Framework Structure

The Sitecore Mobile SDK consists of three primary modules. They are

  • SitecoreMobileSDK.framework – a set of core classes that interact with the Sitecore Item Web Api service.
  • SitecoreMobileJavaScript.framework – a library that allows using native features of iOS in mobile optimized Sitecore renderings. It contains an enhanced web view and web plug-ins.
  • SitecoreMobileUI.framework – UI extensions on top of SitecoreMobileSDK.framework. It contains a map view capable of building path and a self-loading image view.

The frameworks have some dependencies between each other. The dependencies are described in the following diagram : Framework Dependencies

The SDK includes the following features:

Objective-C API to Access data from Sitecore CMS

  • Authentication
  • CRUD operations on items
  • Access item fields and properties
  • Upload media items
  • Getting html rendering of an item

JavaScript API

  • Show native alert
  • Left-Right swipe navigation
  • Accelerometer
  • Device information
  • Access to camera and media library
  • Share to social networks
  • Send emails
  • Access to the device address book
  • Mapping integration
  • Create calendar events
  • Upload media files to the Sitecore media library

UI components

  • Items Browser component for browsing through content tree with customizable UI
  • QR Code reader
  • MapView with pathfinding features for iOS 6
  • Self-loading UIImageView category

As a part of the release we have created a sample application that can be used as a starting point to understand the Mobile SDK for iOS and the features available. This project can be found [on Github][4]

This repository contains:

  • Source code of the Sitecore SDK for iOS framework
  • Binaries of the Sitecore SDK for iOS framework in releases section

Items Browser Component

Other extensions and components can be built on top of the Sitecore Mobile SDK for iOS. For example, we have a separate framework for the Items Browser component. For more details see

  • The Items Browser component repository
  • “Sitecore Items Browser Component 1.0 for iOS” documentation

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