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SixLabors.Fonts is a new cross-platform font loadings and drawing library.


Pre-release downloads

At present the code is pre-release we have initial pre-releases availible on nuget.

We also have a MyGet package repository - for bleeding-edge / development NuGet releases.

Manual build

If you prefer, you can compile SixLabors.Shapes yourself (please do and help!), you'll need:

To clone it locally click the "Clone in Windows" button above or run the following git commands.

git clone https://github.com/SixLabors/Fonts.git


  • Reading font description (name, family, subname etc plus other string metadata)
  • Loading True type fonts
  • Loading WOFF fonts
  • Load all compatable fornts from local machine store (windows only at the moment)


we currently only support otf and woff fonts with True Type outlines.

API Examples

Read font description

FontDescription description = null;
using(var fs = File.OpenReader("Font.ttf")){
    description = FontDescription.Load(fs); // once it has loaded the data the stream is no longer required and can be disposed of

string name = description.FontName;

Popluating a font collection

FontCollection fonts = new FontCollection();
FontFamily font1 = fonts.Install("./path/to/font1.ttf");
FontFamily font2 = fonts.Install("./path/to/font2.woff");

How can you help?

Please... Spread the word, contribute algorithms, submit performance improvements, unit tests.

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