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A gmail mail sending plugin for sublime text 2

Hello everybody. I long wanted to add a feature to Sublime Text 2 to send a selected text to a certian email address.

So I finally got around doing just that.


A Python framework 2.x. I did not test it yet on Python 3.x.

Installing the plugin

Installing the plugin is really easy. Just copy it to the User folder of the packages directory. You can open it up with Sublime -> Preferences -> Browse Packages. And search the folder named User.

Copy both files in there and edit the gmail.py to contain your gmail address and password.


Usage is even more simple. Just select a text you would like to send and press <ctrl+alt+g> ( currently ). A small input panel will open at the bottom. Type in the email address to send the selected text to and press .

You should see a success message in the status bar with the email address populated.


There shouldn't be any... :)

If yes, please inform me.


I added debug information. Now, in case of a failure, it will print out what the failure was.

Also, tested it with Sublime 3, works well; and did a little bit of formatting and renaming.

Thanks! Gergely.