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A simple perl6 module for your config need
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This is a simple module to offer you a simple interface for when you need a configuration file. It support various format. The default file format is a perl6 expression.

It main use is for simple configuration file that work like the ini format. It work like a %hash object with additionnal .read and .write method

Dependancy and installation

The module depend on Data::Dump for the default format.

Config::INI for the the ini format

JSON::Prettyfor JSON

Change the format

The new and read methods take an additionnal argument to specify the format of the config file.

It's the f parameter. Like .new(f<ini>) will say to save using the "ini" format.


my $conf = #Provide a default format
#my $conf =<ini>) #if you want to use a ini file;
$conf.filename = "myconf.conf";

$conf<video><title> = "Dune"
$conf<subtitle><file> = "Dune_sub.ssa"
$conf<subtitle><format> = "ssa";

$conf.write(); # write the conf to a file
$conf.write("mycopyconf.con"); # you can also specify another file

# to read from an already existing file

$conf ="myconf.conf") # or .read("myconf.conf", :f<ini>))
say $conf<video><title>; #Dune


For now, the only available formats are ini and JSON the case is important since it try to load the Config::Simple::format module.

The ini format provide a _ key for the root. $conf<_><something> to read stuff not put in a section

Writting a new format module

Create a Config::Simple::myformat class that does Config::Simple::Role and define a write and read method


Edit the format tests for skipping when the attached module is not installed


This software is under the same licence as Rakudo, see the LICENCE file

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