Python module for RPLidar A1 and A2 rangefinder scanners
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RPLidar Documentation PyPI MIT License

Simple and lightweight Python module for working with RPLidar rangefinder scanners.

This module aims to implement communication protocol with RPLidar rangefinder scaners. It's Python 2 and 3 compatible, but was mainly tested using Python 3.

For protocol specifications please refer to the slamtec document.


You can install rplidar using pip:

$ pip install rplidar

Or for Python 3:

$ sudo pip3 install rplidar


View the latest rplidar documentation at

Usage example

Simple example:

from rplidar import RPLidar
lidar = RPLidar('/dev/ttyUSB0')

info = lidar.get_info()

health = lidar.get_health()

for i, scan in enumerate(lidar.iter_scans()):
    print('%d: Got %d measurments' % (i, len(scan)))
    if i > 10:


In addition to it you can view example applications inside examples directory.