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@TheLimeGlass TheLimeGlass released this Sep 15, 2021

  • Fixed a bug with the API calling time being before API usage.
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@TheLimeGlass TheLimeGlass released this Aug 31, 2021

Welcome to the first public beta version of Skungee 2.0.0.

Changes since ALPHA-24:

  • Fixed unsolved ip address issues
  • Updated to latest Japson
  • Updated to Java 16
  • Updated to Spigot and Bungeecord 1.17
  • Moved timeout server data task error to debug logging.
  • Added documentation
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@TheLimeGlass TheLimeGlass released this Aug 10, 2021

  • added execute command %strings% on %skungeeservers%
  • built an entire event handling system. Not currently in use. I need ideas for what events are needed.
  • fixed some bugs
  • added debug messages with exceptions for more information.

Beta should be coming out soon. Please report any bugs in the issues tab to help out the project. Beta version will be released on Spigot/SkUnity.

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@TheLimeGlass TheLimeGlass released this Jun 11, 2021

Fixed Velocity Support and updated to Velocity 1.1.8
Please delete your config.toml as there are new configurations.

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@TheLimeGlass TheLimeGlass released this Jun 10, 2021

  • Added Signals. These are the newer version of Skungee network messages. Renamed and improved. No server name in the effect will send the signal to all servers.
  • Changed the Skungee API to have platform classes SpigotSkungee and ProxySkungee, internal change for grabbing the instance of Skungee. SkungeeAPI still exists on all platforms.
  • Micro security patches.
  • Updated to latest Skript. This version requires Skript 2.6+
  • This version should work on 1.17 for the proxy side. Spigot 1.17 is not out yet as of this update, but we don't see anything breaking as Skungee doesn't rely on Spigot.


[send] signal[s] [message[s]] %strings% [to %-skungeeservers%]

[on] signal[s] receive

Event Expression:
[event-]signal[s] [messages]


!send signal "example" to server "ExampleServer"
on signal receive:
	broadcast "&a%signal messages%"

!send signal "my custom channel", "first" and "second"
on signal receive:
	set {_channel} to the first element out of signal messages
	remove {_channel} from signal messages
	if {_channel} is "my custom channel":
		broadcast "%signal messages%" # This will not have "my custom channel" in the messages.

Enjoy! I know many of you have been wanting this feature for awhile.

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@TheLimeGlass TheLimeGlass released this Apr 22, 2021

  • Fixed a bug where ServerData would not be added to the system on Bungeecord. This should resolve issues relating to getting servers or servers of players.
  • Disabled GlobalScripts currently.
  • Changed the charset of GlobalScripts to UTF-8 when they get enabled again.

API changes:

  • Made ServerData it's own object class shared between spigot and proxy (was previously messy and only Proxy side)
  • Made ServerDataManager exclusive to the ProxyPlatform class. No static access anymore for security.
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@TheLimeGlass TheLimeGlass released this Mar 26, 2021

added execute command/chat

execute [[prox(ied|y)] players] %skungeeplayers% command %strings%

make [[prox(ied|y)] players] %skungeeplayers% (say|chat) %strings%

added 1.8 support

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@TheLimeGlass TheLimeGlass released this Mar 11, 2021

Fixed some issues with ServerInstances

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@TheLimeGlass TheLimeGlass released this Feb 8, 2021

  • Added a whitelisted addresses configuration.
  • Added a proper server getter syntax server %strings%
  • Updated to latest 1.16.5 Spigot and Bungeecord.
  • Fixed a bug where the cache would return null in small cases. #32
  • Micro bug fixes.
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@TheLimeGlass TheLimeGlass released this Sep 23, 2020

Fixed an issue where the connection would not be reconnected if the server disconnected, also added debug status messages.

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