Open source branching dialogue editor for video games
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JDialogue is a branching dialogue editor for video games. Designed to be extremely flexible and work with any type of game engine.




  • Supports both normal dialogue and dialogue responses
  • Use the node-based system to connect these and make complex branching dialogue paths
  • Has a game API that can be referenced directly from your Java game for even further simplicity of use
  • Lightweight and simple to use


  • Supports Java serialization/deserialization
  • Supports JSON exporting/importing
  • Has documented tools for how to add support for your own filetypes


  • Has replace/find tools that support refactoring within the current project as well as multiple projects spanning multiple files
  • Supports implementing custom syntax highlighting (I.E. highlighting text commands from your particular engine)


  • Includes test applications in the source code showing how to implement JDialogue into your games
  • Code-base is highly customizable and easy to modify
  • Code-base has extremely detailed documentation that walks you through adding new functionality


As long as you have Java8 or above installed, JDialogue should work right out of the box. All used APIs are included with JDialogue, and are credited in the license.

Implementing JDialogue in Your Game


Get a runnable version of JDialogue on the releases page.