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                     ,sSSs,,s,  ,sSSSs,   : ALPHA3 - Alphanumeric shellcode encoder.
                    dS"  Y$P"  YS"  ,SY   : 
                   iS'   dY       ssS"    : Copyright (C) 2003-2016 by SkyLined.    
                   YS,  dSb   SP,  ;SP    : <>              
                   `"YSS'"S'  "YSSSY"     :

ALPHA3 is a tool for transforming any x86 machine code into 100% alphanumeric code with similar functionality. It works by encoding the original code into alphanumeric data and combining this data with a decoder, which is a piece of x86 machine code written specifically to be 100% alphanumeric. When run, the decoder converts the data back to the original code, after which it is executed.

ALPHA3 is an updated and expanded version of ALPHA2. The improvements over ALPHA2 include new encodings (x86 lowercase ascii and x64 mixedcase ascii) and smaller decoders for various other encodings.

For more information, have a look at this wiki page.

ALPHA3 uses SkyBuild to generate shellcodes from source.

ALPHA3 uses Testival to test encoders.

[Usage] [ encoder settings | I/O settings | flags ]

[Encoder setting] architecture Which processor architecture to target (x86, x64). character encoding Which character encoding to use (ascii, cp437, latin-1, utf-16). casing Which character casing to use (uppercase, mixedcase, lowercase). base address How to determine the base address in the decoder code (each encoder has its own set of valid values).

[I/O Setting] --input="file" Path to a file that contains the shellcode to be encoded (Optional, default is to read input from stdin). --output="file" Path to a file that will receive the encoded shellcode (Optional, default is to write output to stdout).

[Flags] --verbose Display verbose information while executing. Use this flag twice to output progress during encoding. --help Display this message and quit. --test Run all available tests for all encoders. (Useful while developing/testing new encoders). --int3 Trigger a breakpoint before executing the result of a test. (Use in combination with --test).

[Notes] You can provide encoder settings in combination with the --help and --test switches to filter which encoders you get help information for and which get tested, respectively.

Valid base address examples for each encoder, ordered by encoder settings, are:

[x64 ascii mixedcase] AscMix (r64) RAX RCX RDX RBX RSP RBP RSI RDI

[x86 ascii lowercase] AscLow 0x30 (rm32) ECX EDX EBX

[x86 ascii mixedcase] AscMix 0x30 (rm32) EAX ECX EDX EBX ESP EBP ESI EDI [EAX] [ECX] [EDX] [EBX] [ESP] [EBP] [ESI] [EDI] [ESP-4] ECX+2 ESI+4 ESI+8 AscMix 0x30 (i32) (address) AscMix Countslide (rm32) countslide:EAX+offsetuncertainty countslide:EBX+offsetuncertainty countslide:ECX+offsetuncertainty countslide:EDX+offsetuncertainty countslide:ESI+offsetuncertainty countslide:EDI+offsetuncertainty AscMix Countslide (i32) countslide:address~uncertainty AscMix SEH GetPC (XPsp3) seh_getpc_xpsp3

[x86 ascii uppercase] AscUpp 0x30 (rm32) EAX ECX EDX EBX ESP EBP ESI EDI [EAX] [ECX] [EDX] [EBX] [ESP] [EBP] [ESI] [EDI]

[x86 latin-1 mixedcase] Latin1Mix CALL GetPC call

[x86 utf-16 uppercase] UniUpper 0x10 (rm32) EAX ECX EDX EBX ESP EBP ESI EDI [EAX] [ECX] [EDX] [EBX] [ESP] [EBP] [ESI] [EDI] ```


Alphanumeric shellcode encoder.






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