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A loot filter updater and custom sound replacement tool for Path of Exile.

What It Is

FilterBro can download and update loot filters from developers who have their filters posted online. New filters can be added in future software updates, with the plan eventually being the ability to update supported filters without having to redownload the application. For now, if there is a filter that gets posted/updated online that you want to see available for management in FilterBro, please contact me and I will see what I can do.

To download a filter, simply select one from the list and click Install.

To update a filter, select it and click Check for Update.

To reinstall a filter, select it and click Reinstall.

FilterBro also has the ability to replace default sounds in installed filters with custom sounds. Simply place your custom sounds in your Path of Exile directory in My Documents\My Games, select a filter, and click Custom Sounds. From there, choose an alert sound to replace, the sound to replace it with, and click Add. When you're satisfied with your changes, click Apply. Don't like the changes you made to a supported filter? Simply reinstall the filter that you modified and edit it again.

In order to preview in-game filter sounds, you will need to obtain them externally and place them in the same folder as FilterBro. For example, Alert Sound 1 would need to be placed in the same folder as FilterBro.exe as AlertSound1.mp3. If those files exist, they can be previewed. For legal reasons, these files cannot be provided with FilterBro.

What It Isn't

FilterBro is not a tool for creating custom filters. FilterBro does not modify the Path of Exile game client in any way.

Installation Instructions

Download the latest release, extract the zip file to a folder of your choosing, and launch FilterBro.exe. FilterBro does not have to be placed in your Path of Exile directory, but it does need to be in the same folder as the files that it comes with. It will create a folder inside of My Documents\My Games\Path of Exile for downloading filters.


If you like FilterBro, feel free to buy me a beer. Donations are never mandatory or even expected but are always appreciated.



A loot filter updater for Path of Exile.




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