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NLTK - New Leaf ToolKit Build status

NLTK is a WIP ACNL Toolkit without the hassle of taking out your SD card. Only Homebrew or CFW is needed to use it.
The main developers of this project are Slattz and Cuyler.



Save Editor

  • Auto Updater - Easily get the Latest Update
  • Custom Keyboard with ACNL's Custom Symbols
  • Basic Player Editing
    • Player Name
    • Player Wallet, Bank, Medals & MEOW Coupons
  • Acre Editing
  • Basic Villager Editing
    • Change the Villager in each slot


For Original 'Hax' Homebrew Users:

Old 'Hax' Homebrew Entrypoints (such as steelhax) are not supported.
Please install CFW (It's free on the latest firmware) and use NLTK with Rosalina Homebrew or install NLTK directly to your Home Menu.

For CFW Users:

NLTK on Home Menu

  1. Install NLTK.cia from the latest release using FBI.
  2. You're done, it's that easy. It'll now be on your Home Menu. If you choose to enable the Auto Updater, the app will automatically update on start-up, hassle-free.

NLTK for Rosalina Homebrew

  1. Copy NLTK.3dsx to SD:/3ds/NLTK/.
  2. Launch the HBL, then open NLTK.
  3. You're done, it's that easy. If you choose to enable the Auto Updater, the app will automatically update on start-up, hassle-free.



  1. Firstly, make sure devkitPro is properly installed, up to date and added to your PATH.
  2. Using devkitPro's pacman, install the 3ds-dev package if you haven't already. If you have already, ensure everything is up to date.
  3. Using devkitPro's pacman, install the following dkP packages: 3ds-curl, 3ds-mbedtls, 3ds-libjpeg-turbo, 3ds-zlib, 3ds-freetype, 3ds-jansson.
  4. makerom and bannertool somewhere in your PATH environment.

Enter the NLTK directory and run make in your command line/terminal.

Provided you have all the requirements, NLTK.cia and NLTK.3dsx should be outputted to /out.