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SmartCash - SMART


  1. Core-Smart Core-Smart Public

    SmartCash Core Wallet for SmartNodes, Exchanges, and Advanced Users

    C++ 55 29

  2. electrum-smart electrum-smart Public

    Forked from rc125/electrum-smart

    Electrum-SMART; Smartcash thin client

    Python 7 5

  3. beehive-desktop beehive-desktop Public

    This is an SAPI wallet that is 100% decentralized using SAPI layer on Smartnodes. With this you don't need to sync any blockchain or run any servers.

    JavaScript 6 6

  4. SmartInstall SmartInstall Public

    Install Scripts for Nodes and Linux

    Shell 5 3

  5. sapi_explorer sapi_explorer Public

    Forked from bitpay/bitcore

    A full stack for bitcoin and blockchain-based applications

    JavaScript 2


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