MA-INF 4221: NLP Seminar (University of Bonn)
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Natural Language Processing Seminar (MA-INF 4222) 💬


Where? When?

AVZ III / Römerstr. 164 (Room a7)

Overview 🔍

This Seminar is organised as follows:

  • Choose the seminar topic
  • Select 4 papers on the topic
  • Mid Term Presentation in December (slots 5th and 12th December)
  • Final Presenation in late January (slots 23rd and 30th January )
  • Submit Report of 7-8 pages

#todo : Students please add your details on this spreadsheet, access on request.

Slides to refer

  • Introductory Slide
  • Refer the Slides for:
    • Core Topics
    • Get more Topic from list of conferences
    • List of Conferences for research paper
    • Timeline to follow

Grading 📈

Grades for this Seminar will be assessed as follows:

  • Mid Term Presentation (20%)
  • Final Persenation (70%)
  • Report (10%)

Smart Data Analytics (SDA Research)

University of Bonn

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