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SmartMesh Developer Community Wiki

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SmartMesh is an open, shared Mesh network protocol that works on blockchain-based tokenized incentive mechanisms. Now a developer community is being launched in hopes of attracting developers from around the world to work on SmartMesh projects. At first, we can look at potential projects from theoretical and abstract perspectives. Devising concepts for SmartMesh and MeshBox projects is an imaginative process. We hope that our community can embrace the unbridled innovation of science fiction, the knowledge of academia and engineering, and the vision of utopian ideals. We are seeking far more than just "coders", but true innovators who can write the chapters of the future for human civilization into an ambitious and robust ecosystem!

Unique concept


Community members are blockchain nodes who will be respected and incentivized, and that encourage connectivity and value transfers, equality, independence, freedom, valuable perspectives, and results.

Operating mechanism

一个分布式自治模式的区块链开发者社区 An autonomous community of blockchain developers.


Interpretation: We want the developer community to avoid devoting too much energy to management, and only require a few core members to collaborate on organizational tasks. The developer community will attract developers from around the world who are interested in SmartMesh projects. Community members act as blockchain nodes that are self-organizing, self-managing, and self-running according to the consensus mechanism we have implemented.

社区共识机制: Community Consensus Mechanism:

Proof of Capability (POC)(这是spectrum公链的共识机制,把区块链运行的方式放到开发者社区,所以这是真正的区块链社区)

Proof of Capability (POC) (the Spectrum public chain's consensus mechanism, integrating the developer community into a 'true' blockchain community)


In order to achieve self-organization and self-operation, the community needs its members to organize, work together, and collaborate.


The community is divided into four modules that consist of nodes which are actually members of the developer community. These are:

1)激励模块:负责审核社区smt token激励的预算,审核和发放。

Incentive Module: Responsible for reviewing the budget, and reviewing and releasing of community SMT Token incentives.


Demand Pool Module: Responsible for collecting and submitting good suggestions and ideas for SmartMesh, collecting and sorting out the current needs of the company, and releasing some of them appropriately. They will also generate some topics every week and encourage community members to earn rewards.


Audit Evaluation Module: The highest decision-making nodes. Reviewing complex and controversial events and issues. For example, when the community goes awry, this node will pass judgement on the situation and make a decision whether or not to roll back or suspend the community operation.


Developer Module: These nodes will audit development capability according to the requirements released by SmartMesh, and will be rewarded at fixed times. It will be a weakly centralized organization, and each node group generates blocks (by acting correctly) and earns rewards.

SMT Rewards


Complete tasks and earn SMT rewards. Tasks include, but are not limited to, writing articles or submitting code; different tasks will be released on a weekly basis.


Share technology and earn SMT rewards. Including but not limited to blockchain technology, MESH technology, AI, and any technology that is valuable to the SmartMesh ecosystem.


Devise innovative theories, concepts and plans and earn rewards. Contemplating future directions and possibilities for SmartMesh's ecosystem from different dimensions and perspectives, and proposing future-oriented planning and requirements for SmartMesh and MeshBox.



Community Member Pre-requisites: Global IT developers with a strong interest in blockchain technology, a passion for innovation, and a creative approach to community development and involvement.


How community members join: By invitation or application. This could be as easy as you telling us what you can do to help the SmartMesh ecosystem develop. Simultaneously, we will invite candidates who we have identified to possess industry or technical experience, influence and prowess.