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Easy app-specific settings for Django
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Easy app-specific settings for Django apps.

Provides a method for using a declarative class for an app's default settings. The instance of this class can be used to access all project settings in place of django.conf.settings.


To install, run: pip install django-easysettings


Create a file within your app's directory, adding attributes for the default values of your app-specific settings. They will be overridden by any project setting that is provided.

For example:

from import AppSettings

class Settings(AppSettings):
    MYAPP_FRUIT = 'Apple'

settings = Settings()

Then in your app, rather than from django.conf import settings, use from myapp.conf import settings. For example:

from myapp.conf import settings

def dashboard(request):
    context = {}
    context['fruit'] = settings.MYAPP_FRUIT
    if settings.DEBUG:
        context['debug_mode'] = True
    # ...


A common pattern is to use a dictionary as a namespace for all an app's settings, such as settings.MYAPP['settings'].

Easy-settings handles this fine, overriding any keys provided in the project while still having access to the default app settings keys.

You can also use a subclass of an AppSettings class to set up a dictionary.

from easysettings.apps import AppSettings

class MyAppSettings(AppSettings):
    MyApp settings
    #: Preferred fruit
    FRUIT = 'Apple'
    #: Preferred drink
    DRINK = 'Water'

class Settings(AppSettings):
    MYAPP = MyAppSettings

settings = Settings()

Legacy Usage

If previously your app used a common prefix (like MYAPP_) you can still support projects that still use these stand-alone legacy settings while moving to a MYAPP dictionary for your settings.

from easysettings.legacy import LegacyAppSettings

class Settings(LegacyAppSettings):
    MYAPP = {'FRUIT': 'Apple'}

settings = Settings()

If a project uses settings like MYAPP_FRUIT = 'Banana' they will continue to work. As soon as a project switches to MYAPP, any MYAPP_* settings will be ignored.

While the legacy app settings class is used, the dictionary settings can still be accessed via the prefixed setting (for example, settings.MYAPP_FRUIT).

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