An Ethereum smart contract project that allows selling your soul (!) on the Blockchain ^^
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SoulNapkins and Soul Selling Ethereum Solidty Contract

This is the git repository for the project hosted on and

Development notes

Soul Token Contract and Tests

  1. To run the tests please install the amazing testing framework populus.

  2. Call populus init in your main project folder if you have not done already.

  3. Call populus compile to compile the solidity contracts

  4. Run py.test on the tests folder, please ensure that your working directory is the project directory and not the test directory

SoulTokens Website

  1. Install npm (js package manager)

  2. cd to website directory, install browserify globally: (sudo) npm install --global browserify

  3. install ethjs-query and ethjs-contract locally npm install --save ethjs-query and npm install --save ethjs-contract

  4. Make sure your current working directory is still the website directory, and create the bundle.js via browserify js/soul.js -o js/bundle.js

Note that there should be no development in bunlde.js, all changes should be done to soul.js, and after each change browserify js/soul.js -o js/bundle.js needs to be called to create a new bundle.


Copyright 2017 Robert Meyer, all rights reserved!