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Snom io documentation website

Tools and build process

The website is built usking mkdocs a static documentation website generator Build process is done via the Makefile all the required tools to build the website (mkdocs, python etc..) are installed into a Docker container (see the docker/Dockerfile)

You can build the Docker image using the make dbuild command (image name is defined via the DOCKER_IMAGE Makefile variable).

Build pre-processing

Some files (like some public XML examples) need to be generated at build time in order to replace some placeholders (like for example the public URL). In order to make ti process working you have to define the replace varilabes in the Makefile, variable names must start with TPL_ variable replacement is done via the bash script in scripts/

  • make prebuild pre-process the template files and generate the files
  • make build creates the static webiste under the site directory
  • make serve creates the static webiste and start serving it using the mkdocs builting webserver
  • make gh-pages creates the static website, commit the site into the gh-pages branch and push the commit to Github. NOTE: Never do a commit on the gh-pages brach: your commmit will be lost after the next deploy. Use instead make gh-pages

Custom template

This website is using the mkdocs-bootstrap-snom theme: a mkdocs-bootstrap modified theme.

Main changes are:

  • breadcrumb bar
  • possibility to hide pages from the navbar using a page name starting with hidden
  • multilevel navbar and toc

Deploying the website locally

Thanks to the pre-processing mechanism all the provided examples are woring directly from the published pages. If for some reasons you want to re-deploy the whole site and examples in a your server you have to:

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Change the TPL_ROOT_URL according with your webserver IP / name and root path
  3. Build the website using make build if you want to serve the site directory using your own web server. If you want to serve the pages using the Mkdocs builtin webserver you have to run make serve

NOTE: In order to deploy the site you need Docker installed, otherwise you have do slightly modify the Makefile in order to use Mkdocs directly (all the requiremnts are listed in Docker/requirements.txt)


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