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CameraPlus is a Beat Saber mod that allows for multiple wide FOV cameras with smoothed movement, which makes for a much more pleasant overall spectator experience.

ModAssistant has released Camera2, which is newly designed and lighter.
Therefore, CameraPlus is no longer registered in ModAssistant.
This is the version where I will add the features I want without permission.

Supported game versions

BeatSaber 1.34.5


CameraPlus is an external plugin.
You need BSIPA to load the plug-in, so install BSIPA first.
Please install BSIPA using ModAssistant or obtain it from the following page.
Please note that it may not be supported when updating the game version.

Latest version Download

The latest version can be downloaded from the following.
Release Page

To install manually:

As a prerequisite, please install BSIPA from ModAssistant.  

1. Make sure that Beat Saber is not running.
2. Extract the contents of the zip into Beat Saber's installation folder.
	For Oculus Home: \Oculus Apps\Software\hyperbolic-magnetism-beat-saber\
	For Steam: \steamapps\common\Beat Saber\
	(The folder that contains Beat Saber.exe)
3. Done! You've installed the CameraPlus Plugin.

When using CameraPlus, "SmoothCamera" is disabled in the base game.

The latest version will automatically force SmoothCamera to be turned off, ignoring the game's settings.


To edit the settings of any camera in real time, right click on the Beat Saber game window! A context menu will appear with options specific to the camera that you right clicked on!

Press F1 to toggle the main camera between first and third person.

Doesn't it work?

  • Do you have BSIPA in your system?
    Check read reuirements.

  • Camera settings are corrupted, or unrelated files are mixed in with the CameraPlus settings file.
    \Beat Saber\UserData\CameraPlus

    Do not put anything other than the Camera Plus configuration file in the above.
    \Beat Saber\UserData\CameraPlus\Scripts
    MovementScript is put all above. Do not put it in the profile folder or any other folder.

    Please try moving UserData/CameraPlus to a different location before contacting us.
    If it starts normally, there are corrupted/unrelated files mixed in.


CameraPlus wiki

Configuration file description


CameraPlus.json in wiki


CameraConfig in wiki

Movement Script

Movement Script in wiki

Tools to support the creation of MovementScript


Convert to Camera2 Setting

The setting conversion with Camera2 Mod is tentatively implemented.
Please note the version at that time as the configuration file may change due to mutual updates.
Convert to Camera2 Setting

If you need help, ask us at the Beat Saber Mod Group Discord Server:

For developers

Contributing to CameraPlus

In order to build this project, please create the file CameraPlus.csproj.user and add your Beat Saber directory path to it in the project directory. This file should not be uploaded to GitHub and is in the .gitignore.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Project xmlns="">
    <!-- Set "YOUR OWN" Beat Saber folder here to resolve most of the dependency paths! -->
    <BeatSaberDir>E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Beat Saber</BeatSaberDir>

If you plan on adding any new dependencies which are located in the Beat Saber directory, it would be nice if you edited the paths to use $(BeatSaberDir) in CameraPlus.csproj

<Reference Include="BS_Utils">
<Reference Include="IPA.Loader">
  <HintPath>$(BeatSaberDir)\Beat Saber_Data\Managed\IPA.Loader.dll</HintPath>

VMCAvatar-BS Mod is required to build with full functionality.

VMCAvatar-BS Full builds currently require the Pre-release version.

Modify build-in shader

To create customshader, you need to open the UnityProject folder from UnityEditor and create an AssetBundle.
This shader is Unity built-in shader modified by Reiya1013.

I borrowed the following shaders for Chroma Key.



Plugin for Beat Saber for a smoother and wider FOV camera







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