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Snowdog Front-end recruitment test task
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Snowdog Front-end Recruitment test


  • Please do not use fake Github accounts, we want to check your contributions history since we do a lot in open source.
  • Remember to commit changes after every task.
  • We are not answering any questions about this test. Everyone work with the same set of information, to let us fairly judge your work.

Before you start

Fork this repository, it needs to stay on Github, available for everyone.

The test is based on Google Web Starter Kit v0.6.5

Follow installation instructions and read commands documentation to set up developer tools. You should end with a working test page on http://localhost:3000/.

Task 1

Add this repo as submodule at /submodule folder, then run gulp task submodule to add symlink.

Here you should see a beautiful page with slices of fried bacon.

Add JS to clone bacon image and attach this action to Yeah, I want more bacon! button.

Task 2

Add tab Checkout that reflects design from /projects/checkout.png.

Use SCSS to write your styles.

Task 3

Add simple JS validation to checkout form created earlier.

Remember to show success/error message on form submit.

After finishing all tasks, send us your CV and link to the repository at, then wait for an answer. Bye!

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