Commandline tool for controlling Sonos devices
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socos (Sonos Controller Shell) is a commandline tool for controlling Sonos speakers.


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Usage example

A typical session (instead of tracks enough add 1 you could also do tracks enough replace 1 to replace the queue instead of adding to the end.

socos> list
(1) Living room
(2) Bathroom
socos> set 1
socos(Living room|Stopped)> tracks enough
(1) Don't stop til you get enough by Michal Jackson
(2) No more tears (enough is enough) by Barbra Streisand
socos(Living room|Stopped)> tracks enough add 1
Added tracks to queue: 'Don't stop til you get enough'
socos(Living room|Stopped)> queue
1: Michael Jackson - Don't stop til you get enough
socos(Living room|Stopped)> play
socos(Living room|Playing)> volume
socos(Living room|Playing)> volume +10