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This script is intended for use only on and it was build to be used together with Firefox's GreaseMonkey extension.

It places 5 flags (British, Romanian, Russian, Korean and German) on top of every problem's page. By clicking on the flag, the corresponding translation of a problem is retrieved.

Obviously, not at all problems are available in the above mentioned languages. In this case, clicking on the flag will do nothing.

Notes about implementation:

  • The technique used for implementing this is JSONP (JSON with padding), since AJAX wouldn't work (see Same Origin Policy).
  • The processing function (only 2 - 3 lines of code) is found in the processtranslation.js file. That function will be executed when the response comes back.
  • The 5 flag images are stored inside the script in Base64 format, to avoid additional HTTP requests.


  • does not work on HTTPS version of ProjectEuler (Firefox 23+), unless you disable Mixed Active Content blocker
  • for some unknown reason, it needs at least Firefox 9+ to work.

The translations are parsed from the corresponding translations websites:

You can see a demo on how the script works in the video on this page:

The script is also hosted here, for easier installation:


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