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Payload for dumping all of the PS4 modules in one go / PS4
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Payload for dumping/decrypting all of the PS4 modules in one go

Still very much a POC, as I have only tested 1.01 and 5.05 so far

Still need to...

  • Add user notifications
  • Fix a few missing files
  • Fix the files that are flagged as OS critical files


PS4 Payload SDK


  1. Compile the payload (make)
  2. Plug in a USB flash drive to your PS4
  3. Send the payload
  4. After sending the payload, wait a minute or so and unplug the USB drive
  5. Plug the USB into your PC, your PS4 firmware's version folder should be in there along with the modules

NOTE: You may have to show hidden files/show operating system files in order to see them (still working on this part...)

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