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A web chat implemented in Angular leveraging RESTHeart change streams feature


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RESTHeart Webchat

This example uses Angular and RESTHeart WebsSocket API to create a basic chat application.

For more information refer to the Change Streams section in the RESTHeart documentation.


  • Node.js 12+
  • RESTHeart (6+)
  • MongoDB (3.6+)

If you have docker installed, the provided docker-compose.yml file containes all that is needed.

Quick start

You need node 12.x and npm 6.x to build and run this project.

  • Install yarn npm install --global yarn (yarn version >= 1.20.x but < than 2.x)
  • Clone this repository git clone
  • Run the following command to download and run the latest RESTHeart version ./bin/ -p restheart
  • Create message collection and define change stream stage
curl -u admin:secret -X PUT localhost:8080/messages -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
    "streams": [
            "stages": [
                    "_$match": {
                        "_$or": [
                                "operationType": "insert"
            "uri": "all"
  • Run yarn to install the required dependencies
  • Start the angular application with yarn start --configuration=local