EJDB C# .Net binding
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EJDB .Net Binding

Note: The .Net EJDB binding designed for .Net 4.0/4.5 and tested on Mono3/MSVC for Unix and Windows.



  • EJDB C library >= v1.2.x
  • .Net >= 4.0 runtime
  • MSVS 2012 OR Xamarin studio (optional)

Download EJDB binary distribution. Then add a directory containing the ejdb.dll into search PATH. Use the following solution configs to debug and test: DebugWindows, ReleaseWindows

If you have problems please follow this checklist:

Windows checklist

  1. Ensure .Net framework >= 4.0 installed
  2. Download windows binaries http://ejdb.org/doc/install/windows.html
  3. Ensure you have placed ejdb.dll into the %PATH%
  4. Open the sample nejdb.sln solution.
  5. Ensure that the project configutation is either: DebugWindows OR ReleaseWindows
  6. If a target platform CPU differs from current host CPU you have to use appropriated ejdb.dll for target and change the project's CPU platform configuration.



Install the ejdb as system-wide library. The libejdb.so shared library should be visible to the system linker. Use the following solution configs to debug and test: DebugUnix, ReleaseUnix

One snippet intro

using System;
using Ejdb.DB;
using Ejdb.BSON;

namespace sample {

    class MainClass {

        public static void Main(string[] args) {
            var jb = new EJDB("zoo", EJDB.DEFAULT_OPEN_MODE | EJDB.JBOTRUNC);
            jb.ThrowExceptionOnFail = true;

            var parrot1 = BSONDocument.ValueOf(new {
                name = "Grenny",
                type = "African Grey",
                male = true,
                age = 1,
                birthdate = DateTime.Now,
                likes = new string[] { "green color", "night", "toys" },
                extra = BSONull.VALUE

            var parrot2 = BSONDocument.ValueOf(new {
                name = "Bounty",
                type = "Cockatoo",
                male = false,
                age = 15,
                birthdate = DateTime.Now,
                likes = new string[] { "sugar cane" }

            jb.Save("parrots", parrot1, parrot2);

            Console.WriteLine("Grenny OID: " + parrot1["_id"]);
            Console.WriteLine("Bounty OID: " + parrot2["_id"]);

            var q = jb.CreateQuery(new {
                likes = "toys"
            }, "parrots").OrderBy("name");

            using (var cur = q.Find()) {
                Console.WriteLine("Found " + cur.Length + " parrots");
                foreach (var e in cur) {
                    //fetch the `name` and the first element of likes array from the current BSON iterator.
                    //alternatively you can fetch whole document from the iterator: `e.ToBSONDocument()`
                    BSONDocument rdoc = e.ToBSONDocument("name", "likes.0");
                    Console.WriteLine(string.Format("{0} likes the '{1}'", rdoc["name"], rdoc["likes.0"]));