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Suncoin is a next-generation cryptocurrency that is built on Skyledger blockchain platform.


Table of Contents


Go 1.9+ Installation and Setup

Golang 1.9+ Installation/Setup

Go get suncoin

go get

This will download to $GOPATH/src/

You can also clone the repo directly with git clone, but it must be cloned to this path: $GOPATH/src/

Run Suncoin from the command line

cd $GOPATH/src/
make run

Show Suncoin node options

cd $GOPATH/src/
make run-help

Run Suncoin with options

cd $GOPATH/src/
make ARGS="--launch-browser=false" run

API Documentation


Wallet REST API.



Suncoin command line interface

CLI command API.


We have two branches: master and develop.

develop is the default branch and will have the latest code.

master will always be equal to the current stable release on the website, and should correspond with the latest release tag.


  • /src/cipher - cryptography library
  • /src/coin - the blockchain
  • /src/daemon - networking and wire protocol
  • /src/visor - the top level, client
  • /src/gui - the web wallet and json client interface
  • /src/wallet - the private key storage library
  • /src/api/webrpc - JSON-RPC 2.0 API
  • /src/api/cli - CLI library

Running Tests

make test


All .go source files should be formatted goimports. You can do this with:

make format

Code Linting

Install prerequisites:

make install-linters

Run linters:

make lint

Dependency Management

Dependencies are managed with dep.

To install dep:

go get -u

dep vendors all dependencies into the repo.

If you change the dependencies, you should update them as needed with dep ensure.

Use dep help for instructions on vendoring a specific version of a dependency, or updating them.

After adding a new dependency (with dep ensure), run dep prune to remove any unnecessary subpackages from the dependency.

When updating or initializing, dep will find the latest version of a dependency that will compile.


Initialize all dependencies:

dep init
dep prune

Update all dependencies:

dep ensure -update -v
dep prune

Add a single dependency (latest version):

dep ensure
dep prune

Add a single dependency (more specific version), or downgrade an existing dependency:

dep ensure
dep prune

Wallet GUI Development

The compiled wallet source should be checked in to the repo, so that others do not need to install node to run the software.

Instructions for doing this:

Wallet GUI Development README


  1. If the master branch has commits that are not in develop (e.g. due to a hotfix applied to master), merge master into develop
  2. Compile the src/gui/dist/ to make sure that it is up to date (see Wallet GUI Development README)
  3. Update all version strings in the repo (grep for them) to the new version
  4. Update move the "unreleased" changes to the version and add the date
  5. Merge these changes to develop
  6. On the develop branch, make sure that the client runs properly from the command line (./
  7. Build the releases and make sure that the Electron client runs properly on Windows, Linux and macOS. Delete these releases when done.
  8. Make a PR merging develop into master
  9. Review the PR and merge it
  10. Tag the master branch with the version number. Version tags start with v, e.g. v0.20.0.
  11. Make sure that the client runs properly from the master branch
  12. Create the release builds from the master branch (see Create Release builds)

If there are problems discovered after merging to master, start over, and increment the 3rd version number. For example, v0.20.0 becomes v0.20.1, for minor fixes.

Creating release builds

Create Release builds.