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An Arduino library for interfacing with the VESC over UART
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Arduino library for interfacing with a VESC over UART. This library is based upon the library written by RollingGecko ( The library is updated for the newest VESC firmware (FW3.40) and cleaned up a bit. The library is not backwards compatible, so you have to upload the newest firmware to your VESC.

Important: This is not a dropin replacement for RollingGeckos library. You will have to make some changes to your software, as all functions and values is now within a class, see below.


To use the library you will have initiate the VescUart class and set the Serial port for UART communcation.

#include <VescUart.h>

VescUart UART;

void setup() {

  while (!Serial) {;}


You can now safely use the functions and change the values of the class.

Getting VESC telemetry is easy:

if ( UART.getVescValues() ) {
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