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This is the data for an obscure blog of an even more obscure retired scientist

Jekyll automatically builds it into a static site. It lets me write posts locally in Emacs, push up to GitHub as a content management system, and then have the site rebuilt -- static, with no cockroach-like infestations of awful, intrusive Javascript nonsense for nefarious "business purposes" by shadowy corporate oligarchs.

It was started in the summer of 2020, so obviously I'm still just learning what's going on here. Probably lots of Jekyll/Github blunders!


The following files, directories, and their contents are copyright by me. You may not reuse anything therein without explicit permission (though admittedly, I'm likely to grant permission):

  • _data/
  • _posts/
  • assets/
  • images/

All other directories and files are MIT Licensed. Feel free to use the HTML and CSS as you please. If you do use them, a link back to would be polite, but not required.

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