Documentation targeting the .Net community explaining how to install and use SonarQube to analyse .Net projects
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The goal of this documentation is to explain to any member of the .Net community how to install, configure and use the SonarQube ecosystem to analyze .Net projects.

PDF version of the documentation

The pdf for the latest release is available here.


The structure of this documentation has been designed to ease the generation of a global PDF file with help of each time this documentation is released.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install NPM (See
  2. Install GitBook with help of the following command line npm install gitbook-cli -g
  3. Install Calibre (See The ebook-convert command line must be available in the %PATH% (or $PATH). For Mac OS X users, this might be done with help of the following command line sudo ln -s ~/Applications/ /usr/bin

Manual actions required when doing a release

  1. Edit the 'cover.pptx' file to update the release date and the version
  2. Generate a 'cover.jpg' image from 'cover.pptx' and update 'doc/cover.jpg'
  3. Execute the following command line from the root directory of the GitHub Repository: gitbook pdf ./doc ./SonarQube-Setup-Guide-For-Net-Users-V-X-Y-Z.pdf