SonarLint for IntelliJ

SonarLint IntelliJ Plugin

Build Status

How to build

./gradlew buildPlugin

Note that the above won't run tests and checks. To do that too, run:

./gradlew check buildPlugin

For the complete list of tasks, see:

./gradlew tasks

How to develop in IntelliJ

Import the project as a Gradle project.

Note: whenever you change a Gradle setting (for example in build.gradle), don't forget to Refresh all Gradle projects in the Gradle toolbar.

To run an IntelliJ instance with the plugin installed, execute the Gradle task runIdea using the command line, or the Gradle toolbar in IntelliJ, under Tasks/intellij. The instance files are stored under build/idea-sandbox.

Keep in mind that the clean task will wipe out the content of build/idea-sandbox, so you will need to repeat some setup steps for that instance, such as configuring the JDK.

Whenever you change dependency version, the previous versions are not deleted from the sandbox, and the JVM might not load the version that you expect. As the clean task may be inconvenient, an easier workaround is to delete the jars in the sandbox, for example with:

find build/idea-sandbox/ -name '*.jar' -delete

How to release

./gradlew release

Deploy on Jetbrains plugin repository (todo try to use publish task).

More information

SonarLint website


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