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DeepDive Tutorial with Chinese Support
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DeepDive Spouse Example with Chinese Support


This app aims to take the official DeepDive tutorial Extracting mentions of spouses from the news and change input into 100 Chinese news articles.


DeepDive 0.8.0
Postgresql 9.6
Elasticsearch 5.5.0

Chinese NIP Configuration

Please run echo "postgresql://$USER@$HOSTNAME:5432/deepdive_spouse_$USER" >db.url first.
Then, download stanford-srparser-2014-10-23-models.jar and stanford-chinese-corenlp-2016-01-19-models.jar from stanford NLP website and put them under udf/bazzar/parser/lib/.
Under udf/bazzar/parser/, please run sbt/sbt stage to rebuild the project. To test out, you can run ./ -p 8080, and POST anything to port 8080 to see the result. You can use a tool with GUI like http-tool in Mozilla Firefox.

Run the Project

This project tries to use original project configuration as much as possible. But some changes in project command are necessary:
The project compilation command

deepdive compile  

are only required to executed at startup. In Section 1.1, to load raw input data: Change

deepdive do articles  


deepdive create table articles
deepdive load articles input/news-100.tsv.bz2

In Section 2.1, we replace people name list from DBpedia to manual label from 100 new articles. So no SQL queries are need, you can run

deepdive create table spouses_dbpedia
deepdive load spouses_dbpedia input/spouse_dbpedia.csv.bz2

and continue with next query:

deepdive query '| 20 ?- spouses_dbpedia(name1, name2).'


Java Memory Error

If you encountered java.lang.OutOfMemoryError or similar error in NLP processing, please view /udf/bazaar/parser/ and change 3g in export JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx3g -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" into a lower number.

Command Re-execution

If you want to execute a command twice due to previous abortion or modification, sometimes the data are not updated completely even with deepdive redo.
To resolve that issue, you can keep track of run/<run_date>/<run_time>/ and check whether done time of some command is not changed. If so, you may have to run that command with deepdive redo or deepdive do even they are not included in tutorial.
When I want to execute deepdive do has_spouse again due to changes in udf/, nothing happened. But run deepdive do spouse_label__0 can refresh the project status.

User-defined Function Debugging

Because of DeepDive's own rules, user-defined function under udf/ will take one row from database as input and return several rows which will be passed to other function immediately. If you want to view debug information, do not use print or stdout, use logging module instead.


1.DeepDive Documentation

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