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An interactive, browser-based model training tool for MITIE. The MIT Information Extraction tool provides fast and easily trained named entity recognition (NER) and binary relation extraction abilities and is free for both noncommercial and commercial use. This package is a browser-based wrapper on the training tool, allowing for faster tagging of training data for input into MITIE.


  • If it's not already present, install Tangelo v0.6.1 pip install -Iv tangelo==0.6.1
  • If not present install config pip install config
  • Install MITIE
  • Set the path to your MITIE home in conf/app.cfg


You should structure your training data in a tab-separated file (in the formID\tTEXT_BODY for each row). Run this TSV through the formatting script in tools/ to convert it into the JSON that the trainer expects. If your TSV of ids and stories were called output.tsv and were located in the mitie-trainer directory, make the JSON like this:

cat output.tsv | ./tools/ > sample.json

You may now upload the sample.json file do the application

Start Tangelo with html/ as the root directory from the command line:

tangelo start --root /path/to/mitie-trainer/html

Navigate to where Tangelo is running in your browser (the default is


Model Training

From an export of the tagger tool you can create a new model by running the tool.

cat training_export_*.json | ./tools/ /srv/software/MITIE/MITIE-models/english/total_word_feature_extractor.dat new_ner_model.dat


You can use the trained model to tag a training set. This will replace all tags with tags from MITIE.

cat training_export_*.json | ./tools/ new_ner_model.dat > tmp/tagged_sample.json

The newly tagged file tagged_sample.json can now be imported back in to the tagging tool to be evaluated

Diff Taggings

To get a summarized report of what was changed between too trainings files you can use the tool. This will give the report of what was added removed modified by each ID

./tools/ training_export_*.json tmp/tagged_sample.json

Sample Diff Report

--- Summary ---
trainings in common 20
trainings modified 4
total modifications 6
total modified 0, added 3, removed 3
--- modifications by type ---
PERSON modified 0, added 3, removed 3
--- modifications ---
scottwalker1/00224_00225   -   {"start": 200, "tag": "person", "end": 202, "input_file": "A"}
scottwalker1/00224_00225   -   {"start": 346, "tag": "person", "end": 350, "input_file": "A"}
scottwalker1/00226_00228   -   {"start": 106, "tag": "person", "end": 108, "input_file": "A"}
scottwalker1/00229_00239   +   {"start": 2903, "tag": "person", "end": 2904, "score": 0.0, "input_file": "B"}
scottwalker1/00256_00257   +   {"start": 442, "tag": "person", "end": 443, "score": 0.0, "input_file": "B"}
scottwalker1/00256_00257   +   {"start": 443, "tag": "person", "end": 444, "score": 0.0, "input_file": "B"}