@SourMesen SourMesen released this Dec 29, 2017 · 652 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

WARNING: Movies created with version 0.9.3 (or older) will no longer work in 0.9.4.

New Features

  • Input: Added support for 20 more peripherals (including controllers, barcode readers, keyboards, mice, external storage devices, etc.)
  • Video: Added a 60.0 FPS mode to reduce dropped frames
  • Video: Added support for exclusive fullscreen mode (Windows only)
  • Video: Added option to rotate the display (for homebrew games)
  • Performance: Minor performance enhancements on Windows (~5%) and large gains on Linux by enabling LTO (25-30%)
  • Movies: Rewrote movie file format from scratch to be a lot more flexible, and editable by hand. (Old .mmo files are no longer supported)
  • Debugger: Several enhancements and a number of additions/changes to the Lua API.
  • Accuracy: Improved FDS IRQ emulation

Bug Fixes

  • General: Several miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.
  • Debugger: A large number of small bugs and usability issues have been fixed.
  • HD Packs: Fixed performance issues with HD Packs in CHR RAM games (over 2x faster)

SHA-1 (zip): 96C32EA8A7E35C8622997F0EC9342921C2C5F6D5
SHA-1 (exe): E1433920E5D1C0828CEADDD7BC26D4A16A286477

NOTE: It appears that Windows Defender likes to claim Mesen 0.9.4 contains a virus. This is a false positive. See virus scan results here: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/c973d15af6e4e53055d4df628497f0fa25d29a928f7dca1a0e545408c1d960e0/detection