Visual NES simulates the CPU & PPU of a NES at the transistor level.
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Visual NES

This is a C++/C# port of the Visual 2C02 and the Visual 2A03 by Quietust (
It combines both simulators into a single simulation and allows the simulation to run NES roms (albeit at roughly 1/1000th of the speed of a real NES)
The Visual 2C02/2A03 are adapted from the code of the Visual 6502 (

This also adds a few feature (load/save states/memory, logging to disk). It also simulates both the 2C02 and the 2A03 together much faster than the javascript versions (10-20x faster)

A few features are still missing, but the goal is to port most of the originals' features in time.


Open the solution in VS2015 and run as Release/x64


Run "make" and then "make run" (Requires Mono and a C++11 compiler - defaults to clang)