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Help The Homeless Coin(HTH) & Hash Kings Crypto Management Platform are the new owners of SOV and we welcome you to the new SOV Wallet.

Some changes were made so this is a MANDATORY RELEASE!!

Please update your wallets prior to block height 85,000. This is when the block times will be corrected to 1 minute

We have added some new graphics to the wallet and a color scheme there may be more tweaks as we progress in future updates.

We hope you enjoy!

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This is an official Release Build for SovCoin's Desktop Wallet available on Windows and Linux based systems governed by the MIT LICENSE

Release files

Changes in 1.3.1 (since 0.12/1.2/0.1.2)

  • Wallet GUI re-design and re-factoring (Credits to ACP)
  • Gitian building fixes
  • Proper implementation of semantic versioning
  • New signed spork keys as the old ones went missing
  • General bug-fixes and overall improvements

Known issues with release 1.3.1

  • MouseEvent handling in some areas of the wallet may be "strange" due to poor coding practices. We're working hard on it, but a workaround is already available. QWidgets only listen for mouse left-clicks, so if a button isn't working, try pressing it with a right-click instead.
  • You tell me

How to contribute

  1. Fork the SovCoinX/SovCoin repository
  2. Create a new branch for each feature or improvement
  3. Send a pull request from each feature branch to the develop branch

Bug Reports

  1. Please verify that your bug is an actual issue.
  2. If you are sure you have found a bug, open an issue against this repository.
Jul 24, 2018


pixmap changes (sry motion)
proper versioning (sigh)

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Sporks changes

revert this commit if the chain goes bazinga

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secp256k1 folder has been updated with latest updates as users were facing compiling issues.

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Update chainparams.cpp