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defmodule Crux.Structs.Guild do
@moduledoc """
Represents a Discord [Guild Object](
Differences opposed to the Discord API Object:
- `:emojis` is a `MapSet` of emoji ids
- `:channels` is a `MapSet` of channel ids
- `:presences` does not exists at all
@behaviour Crux.Structs
alias Crux.Structs.{Guild, Member, Role, Util, VoiceState}
require Util
id: nil,
name: nil,
icon: nil,
splash: nil,
owner_id: nil,
region: nil,
afk_channel_id: nil,
afk_timeout: nil,
embed_enabled: nil,
verification_level: nil,
default_message_notifications: nil,
explicit_content_filter: nil,
roles: %{},
emojis: %MapSet{},
features: %MapSet{},
mfa_level: nil,
application_id: nil,
widget_enabled: nil,
joined_at: nil,
large: nil,
unavailable: nil,
member_count: nil,
voice_states: %{},
members: %{},
channels: %MapSet{},
# presences: %{},
max_presences: nil,
max_members: nil,
vanity_url_code: nil,
description: nil,
banner: nil
@type t :: %__MODULE__{
id: Crux.Rest.snowflake(),
name: String.t(),
icon: String.t() | nil,
owner_id: String.t(),
region: String.t(),
afk_channel_id: Crux.Rest.snowflake() | nil,
afk_timeout: integer(),
embed_enabled: boolean(),
verification_level: integer(),
default_message_notifications: integer(),
explicit_content_filter: integer(),
roles: %{optional(Crux.Rest.snowflake()) => Role.t()},
emojis: MapSet.t(Crux.Rest.snowflake()),
features: MapSet.t(String.t()),
mfa_level: integer(),
application_id: Crux.Rest.snowflake() | nil,
widget_enabled: boolean(),
joined_at: String.t(),
large: boolean(),
unavailable: boolean(),
member_count: integer(),
voice_states: %{optional(Crux.Rest.snowflake()) => VoiceState.t()},
members: %{optional(Crux.Rest.snowflake()) => Member.t()},
channels: MapSet.t(Crux.Rest.snowflake()),
# presences: %{optional(Crux.Rest.snowflake()) => Presence.t()},
max_presences: pos_integer() | nil,
max_members: pos_integer(),
vanity_url_code: String.t() | nil,
description: String.t() | nil,
banner: String.t() | nil
@doc """
Creates a `Crux.Structs.Guild` struct from raw data.
> Automatically invoked by `Crux.Structs.create/2`.
# TODO: Write a test
@spec create(data :: map()) :: t()
def create(data) do
data =
|> Util.atomify()
|> Map.update!(:id, &Util.id_to_int/1)
guild =
|> Map.update(:owner_id, nil, &Util.id_to_int/1)
|> Map.update(:afk_channel_id, nil, &Util.id_to_int/1)
|> Map.update(:roles, [], &, fn role -> Map.put(role, :guild_id, end))
|> Map.update(:roles, %{}, &Util.raw_data_to_map(&1, Role))
|> Map.update(:emojis, %MapSet{}, &, Util.map_to_id()))
|> Map.update(:features, [], &
|> Map.update(:application_id, nil, &Util.id_to_int/1)
|> Map.update(
&, fn voice_state -> Map.put(voice_state, :guild_id, end)
|> Map.update!(:voice_states, &Util.raw_data_to_map(&1, VoiceState, :user_id))
|> Map.update(
&, fn member -> Map.put(member, :guild_id, end)
|> Map.update!(:members, &Util.raw_data_to_map(&1, Member, :user))
|> Map.update(:channels, %MapSet{}, &, Util.map_to_id()))
struct(__MODULE__, guild)
defimpl String.Chars, for: Crux.Structs.Guild do
@spec to_string(Guild.t()) :: String.t()
def to_string(%Guild{name: name}), do: name
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