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This project is only maintained occasionally. If you're having problems, open a pull request or check the network graph for up-to-date forks.

discord-rs is a Rust client library for the Discord chat client's API.

The Discord API can be divided into three main components: the RESTful API to which calls can be made to take actions, a websocket-based permanent connection over which state updates are received, and the voice calling system.

Log in to Discord with Discord::new, new_cache, or from_bot_token as appropriate. The resulting value can be used to make REST API calls to post messages and manipulate Discord state. Calling connect() will open a websocket connection, through which events can be received. These two channels are enough to write a simple chatbot which can read and respond to messages.

For more in-depth tracking of Discord state, a State can be seeded with the ReadyEvent obtained when opening a Connection and kept updated with the events received over it.

To join voice servers, call Connection::voice to get a VoiceConnection and use connect to join a channel, then play and stop to control playback. Manipulating deaf/mute state and receiving audio are also possible.

For further details, browse the source or read the documentation. For examples, browse the examples directory.


On Windows, discord-rs currently requires a GNU-like environment. For details, read the installation guide.

On all platforms, discord-rs has several system dependencies, which should be installed as appropriate:

  • pkg-config
  • openssl
  • libsodium (if using voice)
  • opus (if using voice)
  • ffmpeg (if using ffmpeg features)
  • youtube-dl (if using youtube-dl features)