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Build a bot that speaks like you!
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A simple tool to make a bot that speaks like you, simply learning from your WhatsApp Chats.


  1. From WhatsApp on your phone, go to any chat and export it by going into the settings. Move the txt file that you receive inside the Me_Bot folder.

  2. Run the script using the command. Before running, change the names of the people by changing YOUR_NAME and OTHER_NAME in the scripts according to the txt file you have for your chats.

python whatsapp_chat.txt

  1. Run the prepare_files.ipynb ipython notebook.

  2. Run the Me_Bot.ipynb file and you can play with the bot at the bottom!

NOTE - Actively seeking collaborators for fun side projects like this. If you're itnerested, please drop me a mail at

For wechat user:

Wechat chat history is save in SQLite Database, therefore you need to export from you Phone. Basically, if you have a iPhone, there are the steps to get the database file:

  1. Use iTunes to backup your phone (unselect encrypt backup)
  2. Use iTools to open the backup file and get a copy of your database file named MM.sqlite

Find more detail information about this here


This is the database, each table starts with 'Chat_' corresponding to a chat history with a friend, you need to find the table id you want to generate the chat robot to run the script above. Currently only English chat is supported, Chinese version is under constructing.

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