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Sparkle Loyalty - Ethereum Loyalty Platform

Sparkle is a time-based rewards system designed to allow equal participation amongst all users within Sparkle's ecosystem.


  1. Sparkle-Proof-Of-Loyalty Sparkle-Proof-Of-Loyalty Public

    Sparkle Proof of Loyalty Contract

    JavaScript 210 37

  2. Sparkle-Callisto-Audit Sparkle-Callisto-Audit Public

    Smart Contract Security Audit

    176 26

  3. Sparkle-Quillhash-Audit Sparkle-Quillhash-Audit Public

    Smart Contract Security Audit

    158 24

  4. Sparkle-Token Sparkle-Token Public

    Sparkle Peer to Peer Ecosystem Built on Ethereum

    JavaScript 161 23

  5. Sparkle-Airdrop Sparkle-Airdrop Public

    Sparkle Airdrop Contract Built on Ethereum

    149 26

  6. Sparkle-Branding-Resources Sparkle-Branding-Resources Public

    Sparkle Loyalty Images and Resources

    140 23


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