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SWG Mobile Template Viewer:

Developed by Tyclo of Sentinels Republic

Issues with this release:

  • A small number of screenshots are of the inside of the mobile or of the terrain.
  • Wrong repo in the sidebar.


  • Download the setup exe.
  • At the SmartScreen prompt, select "More Info" then "Run Anyway."
  • Install.
  • Done.
    • Installs to ~400mb. (Electron is bloat, plus 200mb of images)


  • There are 4250 unique templates.
  • Do a blank search to load all templates. (Will contain some duplicates due to the nature of how sorting is set up)
  • Sorting:
    • Ep3/Som/Npe are folders in the mobiles directory
    • Dressed is all templates which start with the "dressed" prefix.
    • Templates which meet these requirements are sorted by the first letter of the template, excluding the prefix/folder.
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