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The personal website of Parker Smart. Lists web presence and dev achievements.

GoDaddy does NOT support .Net Core on their PLESK servers so I had to revert back to .Net MVC. Oh well, I'm not paying for their VPN service especially when I only have FREE sites.

A Few Things Learned When Developing This Site

  • Bootstrap 3 (version 2.3.2 and up)
    • Understanding columns and nested columns
  • Embedding Tweets and Twitter feed
  • Embedding YouTube videos
  • Converting to Bootstrap 4
    • Adjusting the navbar elements.
    • Replace "img-responsive" with "img-fluid"
    • Replace glyphicon with Iconic (~$40 - Do I have to give them a shoutout on my site if I pay for these their fonts?) I think all I'm using right now is their envelop... Was THAT worth forty bucks?
    • Adjusting the columns and nested columns.
    • The commit that has all the conversions.
    • Using the New Order versus push/pull in Bootstrap 3
    • Reference the Scripts/umd/popper.js instead of just Scripts/umd/popper.js otherwise you see errors logged and tooltips will NOT work.
  • Here are the image requirements specific to the LinkedIn sharing module:
    • Max file size: 5 MB
    • Minimum image dimensions: 1200 (w) x 627 (h) pixels
    • Recommended ratio: 1.91:1
  • Automatically redirect to the HTTPS site if given the HTTP prefix.
    • Adjust the web.Release.config and add transforms to add the rules found here.
    • Used the PLESK option in the list on the page above.



The personal website of Parker Smart. Lists web presence and dev achievements.





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