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Shadowfox Updater

This is a cross-platform installer/uninstaller/updater for Shadowfox, a universal dark theme for Firefox.


  • For all platforms: go to the latest release and download the respective file for your OS

    • If you are in Linux or Mac, you will probably need to run chmod +x [filename] for the OS to register it as an executable
  • On Arch Linux you can install the package shadowfox-updater from AUR

  • On MacOS, you can install with either Homebrew or MacPorts.

    • Homebrew installation:
    $ brew install srkomodo/tap/shadowfox-updater
    $ shadowfox
    • MacPorts installation:
    $ sudo port install shadowfox-updater
    $ shadowfox-updater

How to use

There are various ways to use Shadowfox Updater

GUI Mode

If you run the file, it should open a series of prompts that will ask you everything needed to install or uninstall Shadowfox.

The "Profile to use" list will let you choose which profile you are going to work with.

Then, a prompt will give you the option to either install/update or uninstall Shadowfox.

The "Auto-Generate UUIDs" prompt, if accepted, will make the updater automatically populate the internal_UUIDs.txt file, which is used for styling of extensions. Generally you would toggle this unless you want to manage precisely which extensions get styled.

The "Set Firefox dark theme" prompt, if accepted, will make the updater automatically enable Firefox's dark theme for it's UI and devtools. If you already have the dark theme enabled, you shouldn't toggle this one.


If the graphical UI fails to load, the program will load a more basic text-only prompt that has the same features as the usual UI but without the fancy graphical interface.

CLI Mode

If you run the file with one or more arguments, the updater will work as a command line tool, which can be useful for automated scripts and such. Instead of explaining how it works I'm just going to paste the result of the command shadowfox-updater -h.

Usage of shadowfox-updater:
    	Wheter to automatically generate UUIDs or not
  -profile-index int
    	Index of profile to use
  -profile-name string
    	Name of profile to use, if not defined or not found will fallback to profile-index
    	Wheter to automatically set Firefox's dark theme
    	Wheter to install or uninstall ShadowFox

Common issues

ShadowFox couldn't automatically find 'profiles.ini'

If this error shows up then your Firefox installation is probably located in a non-standard location. In this case, the solution would be to move the shadowfox executable to wherever profiles.ini is located.

  1. Open Firefox and go to about:profiles
  2. Click "Open root folder"
  3. Go back a few folders until you see profiles.ini
  4. Copy the updater executable to where profiles.ini is located
  5. Run the updater again

Couldn't read prefs.js: no such file or directory

This issue can happen if the profile you are trying to install to hasn't ever been opened. It can be easily fixed by just running Firefox with that profile and then running the updater again.

panic: key-value delimiter not found

This issue usually happens because profiles.ini is encoded in some encoding different from UTF-8, this can be easily fixed by changing profiles.ini's encoding to UTF-8 with your favorite text editor or command line tool of choice.

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