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Datadog Integration Pack

This StackStorm Datadog integration pack supplies action integration for Datadog.


Copy the example configuration in datadog.yaml.example to /opt/stackstorm/configs/datadog.yaml and edit as required.

It should look like this:

app_key: '9775a026f1ca7d1c6c5af9d94d9595a4'
api_key: '87ce4a24b5553d2e482ea8a8500e71b8ad4554ff'

You can also use dynamic values from the datastore. See the docs for more info.

You can generate the app and api key here: https://app.datadoghq.com/account/settings#api

Note : When modifying the configuration in /opt/stackstorm/configs/ please remember to tell StackStorm to load these new values by running st2ctl reload --register-configs


For further informations about the possible values of the actions and their syntax, see https://docs.datadoghq.com/api/

Name Description
checks.post_check_run Post check run
comments.create_comment Add a new comment
comments.delete_comment Delete comment
comments.edit_comment Edit comment
downtimes.schedule_monitor_downtime Schedule monitor downtime
embeds.create_embed Creates a new embeddable graph
embeds.enable_embed Enable a specified embed
embeds.get_all_embeds Gets a list of previously created embeddable graphs
embeds.get_embed Get the HTML fragment for a previously generated embed with embed_id
embeds.revoke_embed Revoke a specified embed
events.delete_event Delete an event, not implemented
events.get_event Query for event details
events.post_event Post events to the stream
events.query_event Query an event stream and filter by time, priority, sources or tags
graph.snapshot Take graph snapshots
hosts.mute_host Mute a host
hosts.unmute_host Unmute a host
metrics.post_ts Post time-series data that can be graphed on Datadog's dashboards
metrics.query_ts_points Query for metrics from any time period
monitors.create_monitor Create a monitor
monitors.delete_monitor Delete an existing monitor
monitors.edit_monitor Edit a monitor
monitors.get_all_monitors Get all monitors
monitors.get_monitor Get a monitor
monitors.mute_all_monitors Muting will prevent all monitors from notifying through email and posts to the event stream. State changes will only be visible by checking the alert page.
monitors.mute_monitor Mute a monitor
monitors.unmute_all_monitors Disables muting all monitors
monitors.unmute_monitor Unmute a monitor
screenboards.create_screenboard Create a screenboard
screenboards.delete_screenboard Delete an existing screenboard
screenboards.get_all_screenboards Get all screenboards
screenboards.get_screenboard Get a screenboard
screenboards.revoke_shared_screenboard Revoke a currently shared screenboard
screenboards.share_screenboard Share an existing screenboard with a public URL
screenboards.update_screenboard Update a screenboard
search.search Search for entities from the last 24 hours in Datadog
tags.add_host_tags Add tags to a host on Datadog
tags.get_host_tags Return the list of tags that apply to a given host
tags.get_tags Return a mapping of tags to hosts for your whole infrastructure
tags.remove_host_tags Remove all tags to a host on Datadog
tags.update_host_tags Update all tags for a host on Datadog
timeboards.create_timeboard Create a timeboard
timeboards.delete_timeboard Delete an existing timeboard
timeboards.get_all_timeboards Get all timeboards
timeboards.get_timeboard Get a timeboard
timeboards.update_timeboard Update a timeboard
users.create_user Create a user on Datadog
users.disable_user Disable user on Datadog
users.get_all_users Get all users in your organisation from Datadog
users.get_user Get informations for one your from Datadog
users.update_users Update informations for a user from Datadog