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MySQL Integration Pack

Query and Update MySQL


You must install the libmysqlclient-dev system package, e.g. with sudo apt install libmysqlclient-dev


Copy the example configuration in mysql.yaml.example to /opt/stackstorm/configs/mysql.yaml and edit as required.

It can contain an array of one or more sets of MySQL connection parameters, like this:

    host: "hostname"
    user: "user"
    pass: "password"
    db: "database"
    host: "mydb.local"
    user: "bob"
    pass: "PassW0rd"
    db: "st2"

Each entry should contain

  • host - Database hostname
  • user - Username to authenticate to DB
  • pass - Password for DB authentication
  • db - Database to use

When running actions, you can pass in the name of a connection, e.g. st2 run connection="community" query="select * from foobar"

Alternatively, when running an action, you can pass in the hostname, db, user, passwd parameters.

Note : When modifying the configuration in /opt/stackstorm/configs/ please remember to tell StackStorm to load these new values by running st2ctl reload --register-configs


  • select - Run a DB query
  • insert - Insert new entries
  • update - Update records
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