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A wrapper around pac4j ( built using AkkaHTTP

One time publishing configuration

  • Set Sonatype account information
    • Place in $HOME/.sbt/(sbt-version 0.13 or 1.0)/sonatype.sbt the following configuration:
    credentials += Credentials("Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager",
            "(Sonatype user name)",
            "(Sonatype password)")
    • Create a PGP key pair:
      • sbt pgp-cmd gen-key which should generate an output like...
      Please enter the name associated with the key: Developer
      Please enter the email associated with the key:
      Please enter the passphrase for the key: ***************
      Please re-enter the passphrase for the key: ***************
      [info] Creating a new PGP key, this could take a long time.
      [info] Public key := /Users/developer/.sbt/gpg/pubring.asc
      [info] Secret key := /Users/developer/.sbt/gpg/secring.asc
      [info] Please do not share your secret key.   Your public key is free to share.
    • Send your key to a public Key Server
      • Obtain your key id using sbt pgp-cmd list-keys which should output...
      pub	RSA@2048/2bb8c19d	2018-12-03
      uid	                	Developer <>
      • Export your key using sbt pgp-cmd send-key 2bb8c19d hkp://
      Sending PublicKeyRing(PublicKey(9884fa162bb8c19d, Developer <>, RSA@2048)) to HkpServer(
  • Support links

Publishing artifacts

  • Modify the version in build.sbt. If the project version has "SNAPSHOT" suffix, your project will be published to the snapshot repository of Sonatype
    version      := "0.4.1-SNAPSHOT"
  • Publish using sbt publishSigned
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