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asm asm: 32to64 examples with nasm and gas
backups backups: fix error msg for target check
bash bash: ssh: clarify why /bin/sh
boot if main bashism
burp burp: editor: new directory structures, separating template and b64 e…
crypto crypto/http_pins: warn if single pin and remind unrelated requirement
debian if main bashism
etherpad etherpad setup notes
geo geoip go library: move to goircbot/lib
go go: memory: fun with unsafe: read, write and call
irssi if main bashism
kernel minor updates
kvm if main bashism
lldb lldb: add usage, load from home
mediawiki MediaWiki crawler using MediaWiki API + python-wikitools
net net: autoroute: monitor to add/delete routes via an interface
nut nut (network ups tools) conf and scripts
openvz openvz: vzup: add missing shebang
ovh/hubic if main bashism
python python/http: move to burp since it is specific for it
sshttp/etc sshttp/sshttps setup improvements
transmission transmission: add tpb plugin
twitter reorganize repo
util reorganize repo
vmware fix url
web movies: allocine, imdb
yubikey YubiText: use a YubiKey to send text using a virtual keyboard.
LICENSE add apache 2.0 license


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