Plugin-driven Starbound proxy server built using Twisted.
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StarryPy is Twisted-based plugin-driven Starbound server wrapper. It is currently in beta.


With the built-in plugins (which are removable):

  • User management. Kicking, banning, whois, player listing. Multiple user levels.
  • Message of the day
  • Build protection by user level.
  • Warping.
  • Give item.
  • Starter items for new players.
  • Join/quit announcements.
  • And more.

Version 1.7.2 is here!

With this most recent release, we are compatible with the current release of Starbound (Glad Giraffe - Protocol 711). Any bugs found in the process, please open an issue ticket, so we can squash them as quickly as possible.

Upgrading from older versions of StarryPy

This version of StarryPy should be completely compatible with all version back to 1.5. If you run into any problems, please let us know.


StarryPy runs on Python 2.7. It has been tested with Python 2.7.6, 2.7.5, 2.7.2, and PyPy.

Below I provide installation instructions for Linux and Windows. Please note that Windows setup is more complex and in general seems to be buggier. I develop for Linux primarily, so you may consider the windows instructions unsupported; though they did work for me in a VM.


(CentOS instructions coming in the near future.) On Debian, the installation is decidedly simple, but it will require sudo access if you do not have python 2.7 installed.

First, let's make sure that all the prerequisites are installed:

sudo apt-get install python2.7 python-dev python-pip git

After installing the prerequisites, clone the repo in the directory of your choice using git:

git clone

Then install the Python requirements:

sudo pip install -r StarryPy/requirements.txt


As a reminder, though this worked for me I cannot guarantee it will work for you. I offer no particular support for running StarryPy on windows as it has become a huge time sink that has dragged me away from development proper. If, however, you run into actual bugs with the server in Windows, please do let me know.

Download Python

We'll be using ActiveState python for ease of use. This way you don't have to monkey around with your paths. Just download it from here. Make sure you grab the 32-bit 2.7 version and not the python 3 version; the server will not run on Python 3, nor will it work with the 64-bit version on Windows due to licensing requirements.

Download StarryPy from GitHub.

I personally recommend using git, but a zip file will suffice. Please note that if you choose not to use git (not too hard to figure out), future upgrades are far more likely to break everything.

If not using git, click the Download zip file on the right side of the page.

Move the StarryPy-master folder somewhere convenient. You can rename it to whatever you like.

Install requirements.

For this step, you'll need to get inside the StarryPy folder in the command prompt. For Vista or greater, which hopefully you are all running, you can simply open up the folder, make sure you don't have any files selected, and then hold down shift and right click in the empty space of the folder. There will be an option to 'Open Command Window Here' or something along those lines.

If you can't find that window, run the command 'cmd'. Then, use 'cd directory_name' to get to the right place. If you go too high, use 'cd..' to go down a level.

Once you're in the StarryPy folder, run 'pypm install -r requirements.txt' to install all of the dependencies. It will give you an error about enum34; don't worry about it, we'll take care of that next.

After all the components are done installing, run 'pypm install pip'. Wait for that to finish installing, and then run 'pip install enum34'.

Finally, once that's done, we can move onto configuration.


There are two areas of configuration that we are concerned with. The first is the StarryPy configuration, and the second is Starbound configuration.

For StarryPy, you will have to create a configuration file. Copy config.json.default to config.json in the config/ folder, and edit the following variables:

  • upstream_port: This is the port that Starbound will be running on. I recommend 21024. It must match the port in your starbound.config file.
  • upstream_hostname: Change this if you are hosting the wrapper on a different computer than your server.
  • bind_port: This should be 21025 normally; it is the port that StarryPy listens on.
  • passthrough: Make sure this is false. It is an emergency off switch for StarryPy.

In addition you may also want to setup

  • owner_uuid: This should be the UUID associated with whatever in-game character you want to have 'ownership' rights on the server. From there you can promote others to moderator, admin, or even owner as well.
  • admin_ss: This is a password that unlocks the ability for Moderators, Admins and Owners to use commands on the server. This is a deadman switch system, meaning that you will not be able to use privileged commands if you do not have this password setup. Once you have set a password here, when logging into your server from Starbound, type this password in the account field. This is used in addition to your server password.
  • log_level: This is, but default, set to DEBUG. If you want leaner logs, set it to INFO. If you want to see all the details going on in the background, set it to VDEBUG.
  • irc settings: If you want chat replication to an IRC chatroom, setup your bot parameters here. A password is may not be required for all servers, but the added security isn't a bad idea.

Finally, find starbound.config and change gameport to be exactly the same as upstream_port in config.json.

If you're on windows, be sure to set starbound_path to the correct path (remembering to escape backslashes, e.g., C:\\Program Files\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\StarBound)

Run it

After making sure the Starbound server is running, use your terminal (cmd or powershell on windows) and cd to the directory you installed StarryPy into. Enter python to start the proxy.

Built-in plugins

StarryPy is nearly entirely plugin driven (our plugin manager is a plugin!), so there are quite a few built-in plugins. The truly important plugins are in the core/ plugins folder. If you remove any of those, it's likely that most other plugins will break. We'll break them down by core plugin and normal plugin classes.

If you are looking for commands, they have been removed from the listing due to the constant flux and the time required for documentation. For a list of commands that you can access from your current user level, use /help. For help with a specific command, use /help command_name.

Core Plugins

Core plugins are plugins that have no dependencies and are intended to be accessed by other plugins. If your plugin doesn't meet those criteria, it is recommended to put it in the normal plugins folder.

Player Manager

The player manager is perhaps the most essential plugin of them all. It keeps track of each player that logs in, tracks their position, and manages kicks/bans. It is composed of the actual database manager, using SQLAlchemy on an SQLite3 backend by default.

Command Plugin

This is a core plugin that works in conjunction with the plugin class SimpleCommandPlugin. SimpleCommandPlugins automatically register their commands with the instantiated command plugin and when a chat packet is sent it is automatically parsed. If it matches one of these commands, it sends it off to that function for processing. If it doesn't match any of the commands, it sends it on its merry way to the actual starbound server for processing.


Admin Commands

The admin commands plugin implements player management from in game.

Admin Messenger

This command forwards a message to all active moderators or greater. Any command prefixed with ## will be sent to moderators+ only. Access: Everyone


This plugin simply announces whenever a player joins or quits the server.

Colored names

This plugin displays color codes for each username depending on rank. The colors are set in config.json.


This plugin sends a Message of the Day on login.

New Player Greeter

Greets first-time players on the server. Gives them a greeting that can be configured in the config file and can also give them a pack of starter items. (200 Coal is currently included to give you a sample of the format expected.)

Planet Protection

This plugin protects specified planets against modification in any way. Currently if a planet is protected only those users who are the planet's protect list may make modifications.

Plugin Manager

This plugin provides a method of enabling/disabling plugins. I know it's silly that it's a plugin, you don't have to tell me.


This plugin provides various methods for warping players around.

PoI and Bookmarks

These are two seperate plugins that do similar things. Every user has the ability to planets to their own personal bookmark list, allowing for fast return to the planet later.

Points of Interest are setup by administrators for the whole community, allowing fast, fuel-free travel to those desintations.


If activated, this will give you a web-GUI to administrate your StarryPy server. You can log in with your Character's name and the password you set as "ownerpassword" in the StarryPy config.

Config Parameters:
  • cookie_token: A secure token for Cookies. Leave this blank. The plugin will fill it.
  • ownerpassword: Password for the web-GUI.
  • port: The port the web-GUI will listen on.
  • remember_cookie_token: If set to true, you will stay logged in until you log out (even after you restart StarryPy). If set to false, a new cookie_token will be generated on every start of StarryPy.
  • restart_script: Path to a script to restart starbound and/or StarryPy.

Plugin development

There are several built-in plugins that you can derive inspiration from. The plugin API is decidedly simple, and simply responds to packet events. There is a convenience plugin class called SimpleCommandPlugin which responds to user commands in chat. Currently there is no easy way to modify packets, however they can be dropped or allowed to send by any plugin intercepting that packet type.

All plugins must ultimately derive from BasePlugin. Do not override the __init__ method unless you absolutely know that you need to. All setup functions should be done in activate()

There will be more to come in the near future, for now please examine the base plugin classes.

Please consider letting us know of your plugin(s) so it can be listed at our plugin list. Pull requests are much appreciated! Please note that any plugins that we integrate into StarryPy proper must be licensed under an open-source license. We suggest the MIT or BSD licenses. If this isn't acceptable to you, we will only be able to provide a link.


None of the commands are working

You likely did not provide the admin_ss password. If the server is responding "You're not logged in, so I can't let you do that", then this is the case. Please check that you have the admin_ss password set, and that you are putting it in the account field at login.

If you are seeing responses from the Starbound built-in commands, then you are either in passthrough mode, connecting directly to the vanilla server, or your account is in a foul state. For the first case, check config.json and ensure that passthrough is false. For the next, ensure you are indeed connecting to to the StarryPy server port, and not the vanilla server's. If you're account is fouled, have another moderator or admin kick you character. This seems to clear the bad sate.

If you are running StarryPy on the same computer you're playing it from, it is likely it is using the gameport in starbound.config to connect to. To avoid this, use localhost:21025 in the hostname field in Starbound. Other computers will be able to connect fine.

Something else?

If you're having another issue, check the Issues tab over on the side. If you find that your issue isn't there, please create a new issue with a copy of your debug.log (if applicable.)

Planned features

We haven't been able to pack in everything we've wanted to in this version. We love contributions, so please feel free to write whatever plugins/improve the core however you can.

We have quite a roadmap, here are some of the highlights you can expect in the next major version, and in the development branch before that if you're feeling brave:

  • Creature spawning. Want to spawn a couple dozen bone dragons? So do we!
  • Internationalization. Translate plugins and core messages with ease to your preferred language.
  • Client filtering based on modded items. Though asset digests aren't supported right now, we want to do some minor filtering to keep out the riff-raff (if you as an admin want to.)
  • Plugin dependency overhaul. Really only interesting to developers, but it will allow for complex dependency resolution.

There are many more planned features, minor and major. If you have a feature you'd just love to have that we haven't covered here, put in a feature request on the issues page.


We're absolutely happy to accept pull requests. There is a freenode channel called ##starbound-dev that we discuss our development on primarily. We also have the channel ##starrypy for discussion specific to our wrapper.

Other than that, please report any bugs you find with the appropriate section of the debug.log file that is generated.