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AngularJS/RequireJS seed project. Documentation


# Get NPM dependencies:
npm install

# Install global NPM dependencies:
npm -g install bower
npm -g install gulp
npm -g install karma

# Also to be able to run tests from CLI
# without browser window popping consider
# to install PhantomJS:

Gulp flows

To make development faster and more automated there are several Gulp tasks available:

  • gulp

    Builds project into build directory. Under the hood compiles and compresses Sass/CSS, compiles scripts with (RequireJs) and uglifies it.

  • gulp bump-version

    Works with gitflow releases. E.g. when you’re on release/0.4.4 branch it will update cache beaters to follow version.

  • gulp karma

    Starts Karma server watching scripts updates.

  • gulp karma-ci

    Runs tests against the build (which should be run first) and quits, is good to use in CI scenarios.

  • gulp protractor

    Runs E2E tests against source files.

  • gulp protractor-ci

    Runs E2E tests against the build.

  • gulp sass

    Compiles Sass project, feeds output to Autoprefixer and minifies it via CSSO.

  • gulp watch

    Listens to changes to stylesheets and scripts and reloads browser page during development.

Code style

To make code prone to minification ng-annotate module is used.

Vendor update

  • bower install

    To update all the dependencies to the latest compatible versions.


Tests use Jasmine for assertions.

You can write tests in both Coffee and JS (see /source/js/modules/home/home-ctrl.spec.js and /source/js/modules/home/

E2E Tests

Protractor is used to provide way to do E2E tests. To install go to client directory and run:

npm install -g protractor

// This installs Selenium standalone
// server and Chrome driver:
webdriver-manager update

// Start the server with:
gulp webdriver

// To test source:
gulp protractor

Check p.conf and p-compiled.conf for Protractor settings.

Checkout Protractor docs for more information.

Future Releases

You can checkout planned new features on the Trello Board. Also feel free to create feature requests on github issues.